20 Questions with Lake Dallas Athletic Director Scott Head

20 Questions with Lake Dallas Athletic Director Scott Head

by Steve Gamel

To say Lake Dallas athletic director Scott Head is a lifer in the Lake Cities community would be an understatement. He was the Falcons’ baseball coach from 1991 to 1998 before spending two years as an assistant principal in the district. In 2000, he took over as the athletic director.

“I love the people and this community,” Head said. “A lot of things have changed, but the people haven’t.”

In a recent interview with Lake Cities Living, coach Head was gracious enough to play an old-fashioned game of 20 Questions, where he dished on everything from why being the athletic director for Lake Dallas ISD is the greatest job ever to how long his “honey-do” list is at home.

Lake Cities Living: Why did you become an athletic director?
SH: Well I got out of coaching and spent time as an assistant principal. They asked me to be the AD and I loved the idea. I enjoy the camaraderie with the coaches and being around the kids. I love the highs and lows of the season, especially the highs. There’s nothing better than seeing the enjoyment on the kids’ faces when they win a big game or win a district title.

Lake Cities Living: You used to be the baseball coach at Lake Dallas. Do you miss it?
SH: Sometimes I do. But I have fun with the new coaches and talking about what we used to do and how things work now. I try to point them in the right direction as best I can.

Lake Cities Living: If you could coach any sport besides baseball, what would it be and why?
SH: I’d enjoy being a fishing coach – just hang out at the lake all day.

Lake Cities Living: What is your favorite sport
to watch?
SH: I like football and softball. Softball is fun to watch and it doesn’t drag out. Football is exciting, too. You just never know what’s going to happen.

Lake Cities Living: I’m sure you have off time. What do you do during the summer to keep busy?
SH: It’s all about doing the family thing. Both my girls are out of the house, so I spend a lot of time with my wife doing things. In the summer, I’ll just sit on a bucket and catch my daughter’s pitches or work on her hitting. Things really
haven’t changed.

Lake Cities Living: People say you have an incredible sense of humor. Do you buy into that?
SH: Like my dad used to say, if you’re not laughing and having fun, then you need to find something else to do. I like to harass coaches and find things to laugh about. If I don’t have someone laughing, then I’ve failed.

Lake Cities Living: What is the one thing you don’t like about your job?
SH: My biggest thing is select sports. The coaches tell these kids that they need to play just one sport, and it drives me nuts. These kids should have pride in all sports, and by playing one sport, it takes away from Lake Dallas being a perennial power. It just hurts.

Lake Cities Living: Now for even more off the wall questions. If you had to Karaoke one song in front of a packed gym, what would it be?
SH: Oh, I’d have to say Friends in Low Places.

Lake Cities Living: If you had to fight a bear or a lion, which one would you pick and why?
SH: A lion. I could climb a tree and the lion couldn’t come get me. One good punch and I’d run like crazy.

Lake Cities Living: What is your favorite color?
SH: Blue

Lake Cities Living: What is your favorite holiday?
SH: Christmas

Lake Cities Living: What is your favorite food?
SH: Mexican food. Hands down.

Lake Cities Living: Who is your favorite coach at Lake Dallas and why?
SH: I’d have to say football coach Michael Young. We can shut the door and laugh and talk about everything. We can vent, and vent some more. He’s a good release for me. He’s fun to talk to.

Lake Cities Living: What is your favorite Halloween costume and why?
SH: I don’t like to dress up. Coach Young has a Halloween party, so whatever he dresses up as is good for me.

Lake Cities Living: If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
SH: I’d give a lot to making sure we have an indoor facility for the high school. I’d give to lots of charities, and after that I’d save up and get a beach house – just fish and play golf.

Lake Cities Living: Who is funnier, you or Michael Young?
SH: Oh, me. Hands down!

Lake Cities Living: What is your least favorite chore around the house?
SH: Anything my wife tells me to do.

Lake Cities Living: I hear you and Superintendent Gale Stinson are great friends? Do you think she would have as interesting a life if you weren’t in it?
SH: Well she would tell you she would, but I just don’t think so. She’s great to be around.

Lake Cities Living: What would you say is your worst trait, personally and/or as a coach/AD?
SH: Delegating. I still like to be hands on, but there’s a lot of things I could delegate. I’m getting better.

Lake Cities Living: If you couldn’t coach or be an AD, what profession would you be in?
SH: I’ve always wanted to own my own bait shop. All you have to worry about is catching minnows.

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