8 Ways Parents Can Prepare For Back To School

8 Ways Parents Can Prepare For Back To School

by Steve Gamel

It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about how summertime is about to be upon us. Now we are in the middle of summer, and it’s time to start thinking about preparing for back to school time.

Wait? What? School? But there’s still time to squeeze in another small vacation! We know, but we’re all going to blink, and it will be time to transition your kids – and yourself – for those first few days of school. Will you be prepared? To help eliminate those concerns, make things easier on yourself with these 8 tips and tricks.

Reestablish those sleep routines
Look, getting up early on a school morning is never easy for any kid or parent, but it’s always a great idea to get back into the routine by having your kids start going to bed at a reasonable time at least a week before the first day of school. If you do this, school mornings are guaranteed to be less stressful.

Start shopping for school supplies now
This is an absolute must. Not only will you have a better chance of having the pick of the litter with backpacks, pens, paper, etc., but you won’t run into the dreaded task of having to drive all over Denton County and beyond trying to find that ultra-specific package of construction paper on your kid’s class supplies list.

Get your kids involved
You might be thinking that you’re a more efficient shopper when you’re doing it alone, but getting the kids involved creates excitement. They get to pick out their backpack, lunchbox, or new pair of shoes instead of hoping and praying you pick out the right one on your own.

Limit time spent on video games
When they’re not outside soaking in the summertime rays, your kids are probably playing a ton of video games like Fortnite. With that comes an unbelievable culture shock when they realize they have to start scaling back. Rather than wait until the last minute to make them stop, slowly ease your child down from their video-game high.

Get your kids’ checkups done early
Just like anything else when the first day of school is inching closer, there will be a mad dash to schedule doctors visits. Don’t be late to that party. Make sure your child’s immunization records are up to date and that they’ve had a checkup.

Make a homework station for your kids
Ahhh, there’s nothing better than making sure ahead of time that there’s a designated spot your kids know they have to go to get their homework done. Make sure it’s decked out with all their necessary supplies ahead of time.

Get organized
Everything on this list seems to have been leading up to this one, right? Make sure you go through your kids’ nice school clothes ahead of time to make sure they still fit. Go through any paperwork that may have been sent to you in the mail from the school district – especially if you’re enrolling your child for the first time.

Get ideas from your friends
We all have those friends who seem to always be on top of their game. So pick their brain to see what tips and tricks they have up their sleeve. You may even learn they aren’t as on the ball as you originally thought. Now you can work together to help each other get prepared.

What tips do you have to make the first day of school less stressful? Share them with us on our Facebook page. We’d also love to see your first day of school pictures when the day finally arrives.

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