Alot, A lot, Allot – What’s the Difference?

Alot, A lot, Allot – What’s the Difference?

by Steve Gamel
Edit This

Welcome to another Edit This® grammar lesson. Today, we will explore the differences between alot, a lot, and allot. Do you know the difference?

Let’s cut to the chase right now and eliminate “alot” from the conversation. It’s not a word, even though the correct spelling (a lot) sounds like it should be one word when you say it.

That leaves “a lot” and “allot.” Let’s discuss.

A lot (two words) refers to a large amount of something.
• I ate a lot of food over the holidays.
• My kids received a lot of presents
for Christmas.

Allot (double L) sounds the same but means to divide or allocate portions of something.
• The police didn’t have enough facts to allot blame to either suspect.
• Both lawyers were allotted equal time to make their arguments.
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