Balancing What’s Important

Balancing What’s Important

by Christy Graham LPC
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Acorn Counseling Services

Driving up to my house, I always take a deep breath to switch gears. Sometimes it can be so hard, but I know I have to do it. In my heart, I am still overwhelmed by work and just can’t let that last thing go – I jump into the chaos at home, hoping that I’ve not missed something. Many working mothers feel torn between their career and family. Women can find caregiving extremely rewarding, but almost all mothers experience some form of ‘Mommy Guilt.” Here are some quick tips to help combat these stressors. Men can use them too, as they have similar stresses in their lives.

  1. Get organized, even if you are not usually organized. Use an online calendar or make lists. This way, if one of the parents has a moment, they can address the next thing.
  2. Practice grace towards yourself and those around you. Many times, we find ourselves more forgiving towards others than ourselves. Be sure to give yourself the grace and understanding you would give your best friend!
  3. Plan for rest. No one and nothing works well when it is going all the time. Choosing a time every day [5 minutes, even!] and weekly for some downtime will help you meet the challenges in your work and home life.
  4. Prioritize ruthlessly. Family will always be there, but work changes. If you have to choose, choose family. Work opportunities come and go, but if there is a true family need, prioritize.

Even if you have mastered the four tips, your life may still feel unbalanced and overwhelming. Acorn specializes in helping families address issues of imbalance. Call us today for a short, 15-minute conversation about how we can assist you in finding a good work-life balance. You aren’t alone. All our clinicians are working moms.

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