Your On-Call Legal Team

Your On-Call Legal Team

by Susan Neuhalfen

Scott Reib of Reib Law believes that when it comes to keeping your business healthy, legally speaking, prevention is key.

“Most people call attorneys only when they are in an emergency situation,” said Scott Reib. “We think of ourselves as a primary care law firm. If businesses work with us, we can potentially prevent that from happening.”

Reib Law is a unique firm. They act as in-house counsel for businesses without the expense associated with it. Back in 2012, Scott Reib created the ACCESS Program for businesses. ACCESS is an acronym:

A: Always available by phone, text or email
C: We help set up the right corporate structure for businesses in order to keep it protected
C: We will prepare and review any contracts for the business from leases to employee and customer agreements as well as non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
E: Economic value – we help protect a business’ intellectual property and show how to protect it as well as help prioritize that system
S: We will set up a shatterproof business audit, making sure all of your systems are working exactly as they should be
S: We act as a shield for pre-litigation; we try to resolve problems and avoid litigation

“We are here to protect your business,” said Reib. “Even if you’re an experienced business person, there are things that we catch that you might miss. Businesses run everything though us to avoid a big problem later.”

As an example, if your business doesn’t have an attorney and you find yourself in trouble legally, you’ll have to pay a lawyer a big retainer plus costs involved, then there’s the hourly billing fees and, in some cases, a percentage of the settlement. Not to mention the hours of business lost because you have to brief someone completely unfamiliar with your business as well as find all of the paperwork and other material to make your case.

“The average cost of business litigation is around $80,000,” said Reib. “If you haven’t planned for it you are potentially exposing your business to bankruptcy.”

With the ACCESS program, you have an attorney who already knows your business, ready to do whatever it takes to protect your business legally. Chances are, he even set up many of the contracts or systems in place to save you from just this type of situation.

Remember, your business is never bulletproof. That’s why it’s good to have a attorney as a partner. However, before you think you’re just paying some lawyer to wait in the wings for you, let us explain how ACCESS works:

Reib Law uses an online program to list and track various legal topics that each client needs to discuss. The client has access to this online tool so it is updated by both the client and the firm. It also lists tasks and accountability so that anyone involved many update the progress of the work.

Every month they hold check-in phone call with each client and everything on the online list is reviewed. Sometimes it’s even a weekly phone call depending on what’s going on with the business. The purpose of the call is to review the task list and make sure that everything is being handled in a quick and efficient manner by both the client and the attorney.

“The whole point of the ACCESS is to deal with your legal issues so that you can operate your business,” said Scott. “We can handle any legal coaching including marketing platforms and licensing.”

In addition to all of this, Reib Law can also help with asset protection and estate planning. If you look at Reib Law’s reviews, many are business owners who trust them to handle not only their business affairs, but their personal affairs as well. This is another example of how Reib law protects your assets on the front end so that you don’t have problems later.

“We’re asking business owners to make a paradigm shift in how they use legal counsel,” said Reib. “When it comes to legal hassles, prevention is the key. Let us handle everything so that you can focus on your business.”

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