Dear Annette

Dear Annette

annettedoodyAnnette Doody,
Savory Bistro Owner & Wellness Coach

Dear Annette: I want my family to eat healthy but I am on a budget. Is it true that to eat healthy you have to spend more?

Dear Reader: It is a myth that to eat healthy you have to spend more money. In the long run not eating healthy has a higher price as medications and health care are very expensive. Here are ten ways to eat healthy and save money:

Make your own sparkling water
Substitute soda drinks for sparking water
with lemon.

Eat beans
Proteins are the most expensive part of a meal. Beans are cheap, delicious, and versatile.

One dish meals
One dish meals such as stews, stir-fries and casseroles use smaller amounts of protein like chicken to feed a family. Check out for
great recipes.

Slow cooker breakfasts
Oatmeal and grains such as quinoa can make for a great breakfast. Cook the grains in a slow cooker overnight. Create a condiment bar for kids to add their own. Check out for great recipe ideas.

Eat small fish
Eat tins of sardines, oysters, kippers and the like. For many this might be an acquired taste but I love them. Check out my favorite recipe for small fish like sardines.

Cut out the sugary snacks
If you cut out sugar snacks and baked things you will not only save a lot of money but gain a lot in the health bank.

Meal Planning
Block a time on your calendar each week to do a little meal planning and cooking for the week. To eat healthier and cheaper you have to cook a little more at home.

Check out healthy items at big box stores
Take a day to browse places like Costco for frozen organic chicken, bulk nuts, frozen organic vegetables and berries.

Have an egg night
Who does not like eggs? Eggs are an amazing source of protein at a good price. Scramble up a large plate of eggs with small bowls of toppings for everyone to add themselves.

Hara hachi Bu
This is a 2,500-year-old practice in Asia. It means to only eat until you are 80% full!! Many of us can make the weeks’ groceries go further by simply consuming a little less which is great for overall health. So buy healthy food and enjoy in proper quantities.

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