Did You Know…

Did You Know…

by Jesse L. Leyva, Outlaw Fit Camp 940.497.6002

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? Every year, one in four deaths are caused by heart disease. The good news is heart disease can often be prevented when people make healthy choices.

One healthy choice is a healthy and fit lifestyle. But getting fit and healthy is not always as easy as it sounds. Distractions, and sometimes fears, get in the way. Work pass the distractions and fears by coming up with a plan for your new lifestyle.

Set a goal. The first step to achieving anything in life is to have a goal. Without goals, it’s easy to wander aimlessly through life, and when it comes to your health, “aimless” is not a good place to be. Maybe you want to lower your blood pressure, lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, or tone and strengthen your muscles. Whatever the goal, aim for it. A healthy life is a healthy heart.

Set a start date. Sounds silly? Not really. There is a specific start date for a job, a vacation, a family reunion. Why not a start date for your health? Commit to yourself that you will start living a healthy and fit lifestyle on a specific date. February is American Heart Month, so what better day to start than February 14 – the ultimate “love your heart” day.

Find a workout that you enjoy. Do you prefer individualized training or group workouts? Or both? You may enjoy the one-on-one guidance of individualized training to encourage and push you to achieve your goals. Or you may like the social aspect of exercise in a group workout where you laugh together, sweat together and reach for that next level together. Regardless, when you enjoy something, you’re more likely to stick with it. So maybe try both and make it part of your plan.

Surround yourself with encouragement. It’s easy to get discouraged. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. There will ups and downs, celebrations and disappointments. But when you surround yourself with encouragement, those disappointments become fewer and fewer, while the celebrations become greater and more frequent. So whether it’s your family, coworkers, friends at the gym or trainer, make sure you have your own cheerleading squad there to cheer you on and lift you up as you work toward a
healthier lifestyle.

Forgive yourself. Everyone has a bad day, and everyone fails. But don’t let that turn into a negativity that will distract you from accomplishing your goals. Forgive yourself. It can be difficult, but it’s a must. Then get refocused and keep pushing forward. Remember, the ultimate goal is a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Congratulate yourself. So often we forget how important it is to take a pause and say Good Job to ourselves. It’s okay if you get winded after 10 burpees or if you can’t lift a 20-pound dumbbell. The fact is, you did 10 burpees. Yesterday, you may have only made it to five. And maybe you didn’t lift 20-pound dumbbells, but you completed three repetitions with 10-pound dumbbells. It’s time for a pat on the back. Congratulate yourself.

Big life changes don’t come easy. They start with small steps. But with every workout, you’ll get stronger, and with every step on the treadmill, your heart will pump stronger.

At Jesse James Fit and Outlaw Bootcamp, we work with clients of all ages and fitness levels to help them reach their fitness goals. Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Our goal is to be a positive influence as you transform your life and begin working toward a healthier lifestyle.

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