Do You Really Need Multivitamins?

Do You Really Need Multivitamins?

Do You Really Need Multivitamins?

by Audrey Christie, MSN, RN

One question I am frequently asked, is do I need a multivitamin? In short the answer is, probably not. If you eat plenty of whole fresh fruits and vegetables, and are generally taking care of yourself. Then you may not need a multivitamin, but you may not need one even if you aren’t. This isn’t to say that you never need to take supplements. There are some supplements that are very beneficial to your body and your immune health, especially during this time of year, that everyone should take. If I had to pick just three things that every person would take, it would be:

Omega 3s:
These are a “good fat” they help to lower inflammation, fight feelings of depression and anxiety, ease the discomfort of arthritis, improve brain fog, and help to fight against heart disease.

The balance or imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system is linked to many health issues. Taking a good quality regular probiotic has many benefits including weight loss, improved digestive health, improved immune function.

Vitamin D:
This one is like sunshine in a bottle! During the time of year where we get less sunshine, taking a Vitamin D supplement is an integral part of keeping your immune system healthy. Additionally vitamin D is required for your body to build strong hair, bones, muscles, and teeth.

These simple supplements will help keep your inflammation at bay, your digestive system healthy, and keep your immune system working throughout these cold months. You can find these at your local grocery store or even and they are a key ingredient of your wellness.

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