Don’t Take a Vacation from Your Home Goals

Don’t Take a Vacation from Your Home Goals

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We are officially in the lazy days of summer. Some of us are returning from vacations, while some of us still have a summer trip plan planned to visit a new place, see friends and family or head to our favorite vacation spot.

If you are like us, we plan out those trips, we ask for time off, we place it on our calendar, we plan, and we anticipate that trip. What is interesting, is that we spend so much time preparing for our trip and in other areas of our life we take less time and attention on those big financial decisions.

You owe yourself the very best and you deserve to make your house one of the biggest investments in your life. So many times, we place less emphasis on our house re-modeling, selling or buying budgets than we do our vacation plans. With our vacation plans we have clarity: why we want to visit a place; the time we have to do so; and where we want to stay. With our homes we have less clarity and so many choices that we fall into that pace of late summer when everything slows down. Our challenge for this month is to garner the same attention to detail with your home planning as your vacation planning—down to all those nitty gritty details. Just like all the travel planning websites, our team has the resources you need to do the same with all of your home goals.

Discover the possibilities and explore your next steps, whether it’s buying, selling, new construction, investing, home design, or real estate careers. Simply contact Lori Lesnansky at 972.657.0364 to meet for complimentary coffee/tea and begin to make plans for your life-by-design.

Back To School Design Tip:
Set up a homework station before school starts where the kids can get their work done. Color code school binders and activity sports bags to make it easier to get out the door in the morning.

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