Flex Your Mental Muscle This Summer with Mathnasium

Flex Your Mental Muscle This Summer with Mathnasium

For your kids, summer is a time for camps…soccer camp, basketball camp, strength and conditioning camp.  Why not have them flex their mental muscles, too?

The truth is, the longer we let them push back from their studies, the farther back they slip. It’s called the two-month summer slide. Once they get back in school, they’ll review for the first few weeks, but if your child is in the advanced math classes, he or she won’t get the time to review and could fall even farther behind.

Think about it like the gym. Once you stop working out, it takes a while to get back where you were. Unless you dedicate yourself to it, that could take a long time and you might never get back to form.

Now is the perfect time to enroll your son or daughter in Mathnasium. At Mathnasium, your child will be assessed and tested for concepts going back as far as first grade.  Their goal is to understand where the math gaps are. Maybe there is a basic math skill that your student kind of knows, but not well.  Once Mathnasium pinpoints it, they can help your child build the math skills needed to be successful.

A plan is created for each student. Each has an individual binder and is working from that binder. Through one-on-one instruction, the folks at Mathnasium focus on what your child is struggling with and work through those struggles with him or her. Once your child has the  concept down, the instructors leave them to work on concepts alone, building that self confidence. The instructor then goes back and checks everything before moving on. No more mistakes.

If your child didn’t do well on the STAAR test, did you know that in some cases he or she could retake the test? STAAR tests can, in some cases, hold your child back. Mathnasium can have your child STAAR ready. Your child will do better on standardized testing, building his or her self-esteem.

Maybe your child’s report card in math wasn’t quite where you wanted it to be.  Now is the best time for the instructors at Mathnasium to review exactly what your child needs to work on in order to be ready to take on the new school year.

Every year, school curriculum is trying to cover more and more concepts.  It’s to the point where many teachers and students feel rushed and some very important math building blocks may be missed.  Those same concepts that teachers only have a few days to teach, the instructors at Mathnasium can spend weeks teaching your child how to think the way natural mathematical thinkers do and open doors.

Children and teens who spend time over the summer at Mathnasium will remember more, have a better review and be ready for a successful school year. Once back in school Mathnasium will, with the permission of the parents, send the information to the math teacher to partner with them and provide feedback.

Mathnasium also works on math enrichment. They provide students that want an extra challenge with advanced math skills.  Some of their students are working ahead of their grade level by 3 grades.

Most importantly, Mathnasium’s motto is to make math make sense and have your child enjoy the math learning process!

Come and visit Mathnasium 5017 Teasley Lane in Denton. Let Mathnasium show you how we can get your child’s mental muscles flexing this summer.

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