How To Stay On Track To Go Back

How To Stay On Track To Go Back

by Madison Reed

Is your child ready for the new school year? Specifically, have they stayed up to date with their reading and math skills this summer? If so, make sure to give them a nice pat on the back. If not, don’t panic. There’s still plenty of time to make up some ground as we inch closer to the first day of school. Here are a few tips to help them get it together.

Make the library your new friend.
When I was a kid, my mother encouraged me to make a list of 12 books that I would like to read over the summer. Once I was finished with a book, we’d go to the library the next day so I could get another book. I was required to bring this book with me wherever we went –  the dentist office, weekend trips to the lake, my parents’ work office, my brother’s wrestling tournaments, choir practice, baseball practice, etc. I liked reading but I also wanted to be outside riding my bike or playing on a softball field. But at the end of the day, my reading continued. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Make sure the books they pick are what they want to read.
It’s important to let your child pick their own reading material. If you force what you think is best, it’s likely to push them in the opposite direction because it’s more of a chore than actual fun. Some books that I picked were super boring and some were fantastic, but the point was that it was my decision. One of the best books I read was Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Holy cow, was that a good book! I remember reading it when we were at the lake one summer and my brother got the book wet, I mean soaking wet. He was goofing around and I went nuts. I had to wait a whole 10 minutes for the pages to dry so I could continue. This was the moment that I understood how much reading meant to me. This “reading task” always helped me hit the ground running when the school year actually started.

Pick a “homework spot”.
We are all creatures of habit, and we tend to gravitate to what makes us most comfortable. A few weeks before school actually started, my parents would ask us to pick a “homework spot.” It could be a spot wherever we wanted in the house, or outside, and that’s where we would do our homework for the year. It couldn’t be a room with a TV or the game room that had video games, or even our bedroom (too many distractions). It had to be a spot where we would focus and dedicate our time to just homework. My place was typically the same spot each year, it was in my Dad’s office closet. He had an old wood desk that I would set up shop. I always felt like it was “my office” and I would pretend I was some bigwig at a corporate company “working” when I was actually doing 3rd-grade math problems. Anyway, my parents would also set up a “homework night,” the last few weeks of summer where one night a week we would have to spend an hour without TV or playing outside, typically reading a book or practicing our multiplication. This is a great tip to help gear you and your kids up for the upcoming school year.

Get back on a routine.
A few days before school actually started, our bedtimes would change. It was supposed to help ease us back into our school sleep schedule, but WHATEVER! I’m totally kidding, this really did help and I actually still use this concept today. These are a few ideas to help to regain structure in your household, not to mention a fresh start for the new school year.

Challenge your child to finish a few more books before summer ends; they’ll thank you down the road. There’s still time to tackle some summer reading, there’s about 5-6 weeks left of summer so get yourself and your kiddos over to the local library and find some good reads.

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