What to Do About Leaves and Sprinklers This Winter

What to Do About Leaves and Sprinklers This Winter

by PJ Kratohvil
of Complete Solutions

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a Happy New Year! Now that 2016 is over and the project lists have come out for 2017 it’s time to get to work. Projects can be exciting and the rewards enjoyed for years to come. Just remember, as we always say, good labor ain’t cheap and cheap labor ain’t good. Ensure that your time and money are going towards quality. Protect your investments by hiring legitimate local contractors.

“So with the weather being so back-and-forth our trees haven’t cooperated and we still have quite a few leaves blowing around but don’t want to pay for someone to come back out and bag…”

There are a couple options here, but the easiest would be to mow them back in. Using your lawn service or mulch set up on the mower, run everything over, leaving it sitting on the lawn. Studies prove that finely ground leaves returned back to the turf are actually beneficial for both soil and grass. Soil with these finely ground leaves show increased microbial activity and better water filtration. Studies also show that when the leaves were returned, grass greened up quicker in the spring and had fewer dandelions. You just want to ensure that you’re not leaving large pieces of the leaf in your lawn that would smother the grass. You are actually grinding it up and, as they fall more frequently, more mowings will ensure they break down as needed.

“With the recent freezing temps do we need to shut down, drain sprinkler system?”

Yes and no. It is Texas and we never know what we are going to get but I wouldn’t be too worried about draining the irrigation system. IF installed properly, your lines should be able to withstand some freezing temperatures without issue. Just ensure you cover/wrap any exposed valves and or shut-offs. Some weeks we’ll have 72 one day and high of 32 the next. Flip the controller to off when freezing and back on when we have a couple of warmer days in a row so everything can get what it needs. Obviously if we experience rain, depending on totals, that can supplement irrigation water for days.

We are off to an GREAT start here in 2017 and so EXITED about what’s to come! As you’re sifting through your various project lists, remember you’ve got some of the best contractors in the country right here in Denton County, so shop local for your next project. Wishing you the best of luck in 2017.

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