Make Fitness Part of Your Retirement Planning

Make Fitness Part of Your Retirement Planning

by Jesse L. Leyva, Outlaw Fit Camp 940.497.6002

Retirement planning. There are a lot of moving pieces for which to plan – family, finances, insurance, living arrangements, travel. But what about health and fitness? Planning for a healthy life now helps ensure an enjoyable retirement later.

Ray and Reesa Hall began working out a year ago with a personal trainer. At first, they were looking for that extra push, more than just a gym membership, that would help them remain consistent with a workout. That’s exactly what they found, but as they continued their fitness plan, they began to realize the long-term benefits.

“Whether it’s weight loss or gaining muscle mass, those physical changes allow you to feel physically better than you were prior to working out,” said Ray. “Since we have been working out, we realize how important it is to be physically in good shape to enjoy our future years.”

The Hall’s fitness plan became an investment in the future. They quickly realized that a healthy body now would help them live a healthy life in the future. No matter if they decided to fully retire, scale back or travel the world, the one thing they knew for sure is that their health and fitness play a large role in retirement.

“We are hopeful that our physical abilities do not hinder any activities that we want to experience during the future years,” Ray explains. “We believe a continuous workout plan increases our odds to do what we wish to do later in life.”

Planning for a healthy retirement is just as important as financial planning. After all, how relaxing or fun is retirement going to be if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it? A fitness plan of regular exercise that includes a healthy diet, and cardiovascular and muscle strength benefits everyone, no matter the age.

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