On Top of it All

On Top of it All

by Susan Neuhalfen

At almost 5’2” and not even 100 lbs. soaking wet, RPM Construction owner Jayme Potter is a force to be reckoned with. She’s the kind of person you want fighting WITH you, not against you. Passionate does not begin to describe her personality, especially when it comes to doing the right thing. She has managed to combine this passion with her profession, which is roofing and construction. Armed with her experience and the incredible team she’s built at RPM Construction, she is making sure that her customers (and even people who aren’t her customers) are getting the right information and the right guidance following the latest hailstorms in our area.

“I told a guy who called the other day, that seeing an insurance adjuster without a general contractor on your roof is like going into court without a lawyer,” she said. “We understand how to make necessary repairs to building code and we catch things that might otherwise be missed.”

Jayme loves to read insurance laws and building codes. Seriously, she doesn’t watch television or fool around much on social media. She keeps up with all the latest state laws as they pertain to construction and, more specifically, roofing. For example there is no law in Texas for roofers to have a license. Jayme and her husband, Donnie, are on board with a group lobbying to change that.

“There’s nothing to stop someone from just slapping some magnetic signs on a truck and ‘poof’ becoming a roofing company,” said Jayme. “They can take your insurance check one day and file bankruptcy the next.”

That’s why Jayme started RPM Construction back in 2014, because they saw the unethical side of the business and they wanted to do things the right way. Donnie was only the second person in Texas to obtain a license through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). RPM Construction is also a Preferred Roofing Contractor with Owens Corning, the best name in roofing products. It takes years and a lot of verification to reach this status.

For example, it takes two years before a roofer is even considered for this certification. The roofing company must have good credit, current insurance and an A-Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as a list of other requirements that keep Jayme busy, as she is a stickler for details.

“Owens Corning holds me to such high standards; they can check several years back and every job has to be to a tee no matter what,” said Jayme. “This is what separates the good contractors from the not-so-good contractors.”

Not only is she detail-oriented she is a completely by-the-book kind of person. Whether the book is building codes, laws or The Bible. She follows it word for word and stays on the straight and narrow.

Their process is by-the-book, too. First they meet with the homeowner to make sure there’s enough damage to file a claim. They even have a professional drone when they do inspections which keeps them from doing any damage on specialty roofs. If there’s not enough damage, they will advise the homeowner to wait to file a claim until the next storm. If a claim needs to be filed, Jayme says RPM Construction won’t be the lowest bid. Again, they do everything to code and so that means putting not only every piece of construction needed to do the job right, but guaranteeing their work.

RPM includes a five-year workmanship warranty on every roof they install and Owens Corning offers up to a 50-year warranty on their products.

“We upgrade underlayment to synthetic and upgrade builder-grade shingles,” said Jayme. “I’m not going to devalue my work to line my pockets. Your roof is what protects your family and everything that is important to you.”

RPM installs 250-300 roofs per year, both residential and commercial and Jayme insists that they treat all of their jobs and every roof as if it were their own house.

“We legitimately care about people,” she said in her usual passionate tone.

“We could make a lot more money, but Donnie and I choose to live the Christian life in all aspects of our lives. Love God. Love people. Change the world. That’s how we live.”

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