The Original Joey O’s Giving Thanks

The Original Joey O’s Giving Thanks

by Susan Neuhalfen

The Original Joey O’s Subs and More owner Joe O’Bara doesn’t take anything for granted.  His family means more to him than anything and to prove it he left the corporate world five years ago and followed his dream to be in control of his future as well as the time he spends with his family and in his community.

Joe has always loved cooking and making food, so he established his deli in Corinth. Having grown up with a Chicago-raised father, he honored his dad, a former Dallas police officer and the retired Highland Village Police Chief, by making his new restaurant a Chicago-style deli.

“Chicago to me represents the melting-pot mentality and that’s what we do here,” he said about Joey O’s. “It’s more than just the food, it’s how you treat people and the acceptance of different people with all different food tastes, and just the simplicity of it.”

Joe jokingly calls it the “Cheers” of delis. Many of the same people come in week after week and order the same sandwich that they love, sit in the same spot and interact with the staff like family. Many other business owners in the area come and eat at Joey O’s as well. They’ve all grown to respect and help each other especially with the road construction in the area taking so much longer than anyone thought. He says he eats at different restaurants in the area and supports his fellow business owners any chance he gets. As a result of his hard work, Joey O’s is successful and he wants other businesses around him to be successful, too.

“The Swisher road construction took a toll on everyone,” he said. “It’s important that we all stayed energized and looked to the future.”

His positive energy about the Lake Cities community that he loves is contagious. If he felt disconnected from everything before he started Joey O’s, he certainly got his wish as he now caters countless golf tournaments, pregame meals for all types of sporting events and school functions..

Joe met his wife, Susannah while getting his MBA at UNT. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s one of the Denton ISD Area Superintendents. They have two kids in Denton ISD schools and are very involved in the Lake Cities community and, obviously,
the schools.

“This is just a great community,” Joe says of his home. “It’s not pretentious here. People are concerned about their families and the community – they have their
priorities straight.”

After only five years, Joey O’s is woven into the fabric of the Lake Cities with Joe consulting city council on roads and future projects. His is well respected in these parts and deeply integrated into the city. His opinion is sought after because he’s a now considered a staple here.

“I don’t sit around, I have to be the busiest I can be,” Joe says about his day. “I’m driven to not only make this restaurant a success, but our growing area, too.”

A big part of the success is owed to the incredible food that they serve. They start every day with fresh homemade bread specially made for the sandwiches and subs.  This bread is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. While most chains and other shops have the frozen, precut meat, Joey O’s meat is sliced to order and according to Joe, you can’t get any fresher than that.

“We really aren’t just a sub shop,” he said proudly. “We’re more of a deli because of the variety of things we offer.”

Customers can mix up the meats any way they want and have a variety of unique sauces and add-ons. They try to make everything as authentic as possible, but, Joe points out, sometimes it’s best to let Joe and his staff make the decision.

“Let me make your sandwich,” he said. “Just give me an idea of what you like and I promise it’ll be great. We’re not a chain. We’re unique and our sandwiches are just better.”

He’s also open to new ideas from customers. The last thing he wants is to be stagnant in what they offer.  He insists that if you suggest it, chances are they’ll try it. They’ll try anything.

Speaking of trying anything, if you go in, you MUST try the cookies. That is, if there are any left.

“I can’t keep them in the store,” he laughs. “We make them ourselves and they just fly off the shelf.”

When asked what’s next, Joe has a lot of dreams but his priorities remain the same. To continue his involvement in our community and growing his thriving business. With his terrific family, friends  and customers, the sky is the limit!

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