Practice from the Heart

Practice from the Heart

When you walk into Starshine Dentistry, there is a kind of warmth that envelops you. The staff is friendly, everyone is happy to be there and the enthusiasm is contagious. These are people who truly care about their patients’ overall health.

Despite the fact that Dr. Leena Alexander is a dentist, she treats a lot more than just the oral health of her clients.

“We believe in treating the whole person, not just the tooth,” said Dr. Alexander who has been practicing for over 17 years. “Everything is connected to the teeth. That’s why people need to put more value on their oral health.”

Studies have shown that dental health affects overall health. Chronic bad breath and dry mouth are sometimes signs of kidney disease. Unhealthy gums usually go hand in hand with cardiovascular disease and even diabetes. Caring for your oral health, means caring for your whole self.

“I don’t think people realize the consequences of not putting the proper value on their teeth,” said Dr. Alexander. “They give more value to getting their nails done.”

Dr. Alexander believes that spending more time on prevention will lead to spending less time at the doctor…or dentist…or orthodontist. For example, she has patients that come in at 7 or 8 years old and instead of preparing them for years of braces, she has, in some cases, prevented them from having to wear braces at all.

“I studied orthodontics and I love it, but I knew I didn’t want to extract teeth,” said Dr. Alexander. “That’s when I began studying non-extraction orthodontics and that’s one part of what I practice here.”

While many professionals believe in extracting teeth to make room for adult teeth, non-extraction orthodontics practices developing the jaw to accommodate the permanent teeth. By repositioning the jaw, the teeth may come in straight after room has been made, eliminating the necessity for extraction, and, in some cases, the need for braces.

“By helping children achieve good oral health now, it can keep them healthy in their adult years,” said Dr. Alexander. “Also when we align the jaw properly at an early age, we can prevent future problems like sleep apnea.”

By starting children early, not only do they practice good oral health, they usually have better overall health. Dr. Alexander recommends bringing kids in at a minimum of 3 years old for a “happy visit”. She does everything possible to make their visits very fun and when they’re done, they always get a treat.

Dr. Alexander beams when she talks about her young patients.

“Working with children is my thing,” she said, smiling from ear to ear. “I love kids and I love to see them happy. I love how family-oriented this practice is.”

Dr. Alexander talked about how a lot of little children come in, clinging to their parents, unsure of what to expect. She considers it the best part of her day to show them how much fun it is to go to the dentist and win them over.

“They become our most loyal patients,” smiles Dr. Alexander. “They leave happy, with a smile and lots of them talk their parents into coming as well.”

Dr. Alexander takes pride in patient referrals, especially the little ones, but the truth is, she loves all of her patients. After a large procedure, it’s not unlike her to make a post-op call to make sure the patient is doing okay.

“Our patients are like family to us,” said Dr. Alexander. “My assistants and I make it a point to keep up with our patients, even when we see them outside the office at schools, churches and other community events.”

She is especially fond of the Lake Cities community and she loves serving this community and its residents. Her favorite activity is being involved in the Lake Cities Spirit of Christmas, a community-wide event providing Christmas for economic disadvantaged families. She loves how it brings so many in the community together to show what the season is all about.

“We love that we can be part of this community,” said Dr. Alexander. “At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about. We feel like we are part of a family in the Lake Cities and they are part of our family. Work is important, but so is family.”

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