Proactive Wellness That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Proactive Wellness That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Proactive Wellness That Doesn’t Break The Bank

by Audrey Christie, MSN, RN


Have you ever thought “wow, all this healthy stuff is so expensive!” It’’s true, sometimes wellness can seem more expensive than just rolling the dice on illness. But what if you stopped and added the cost of illness? The cost of hospital visits? Medications? Doctor visits for chronic conditions? It all adds up. Not to mention lifestyle changes that don’t necessarily have a concrete dollar amount attached to them. When it comes to our health, it is either pay now, or pay later, but the bill always comes due. Luckily wellness doesn’t have to cost tons of money, often it only takes a little of your time, attention and care.

Here are some ways you can make small sustainable and simple shifts towards wellness:

1. Move your body a little more. Usually when we think of exercise we think of spending big on joining a gym, or maybe lengthy workouts. Luckily, studies show that isn’t necessary. Simply adding movement a day provides health benefits as long as the total is around 30 minutes. This can mean just walking a little here and there or taking the stairs a few times, or even some gentle stretching from your desk chair.

2. Eat a little better. No need for diets or restrictive cleanses, they don’t work any way. Instead I encourage you to go to your kitchen and pick 3 food items, read the ingredients and google “dangers of” that ingredient. Pick a processed ingredient to avoid each week.

3. Reduce stress. Reducing your stress levels is as important to your health as nutrition and movement. Even spending just a few minutes of your day dedicated to stress relief can make a difference a big difference. Try a one-minute meditation to reduce your stress instantly.

These three sustainable shifts can make a big difference in your overall health outcomes without utilizing too much time, energy, and resources.

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