Raise Your Standards Raise Your Success

Raise Your Standards Raise Your Success

By Jesse L. Leyva, Outlaw Fit Camp 940.497.6002

You know it’s funny. If you look at successful people, whether it’s financial or physical success you will see a consistent pattern of two things:
1) high standards; and 2) no fear of making decisions.

You see, both of those things go hand in hand with success. Accomplished goals come from making a DECISION to take a risk. You then have to have HIGH STANDARDS in order to get the results you’re looking for, by not settling
for mediocracy.

Let’s start with high standards. By having high standards you tend to shoot high at everything you do, no matter what it is. You have to make it a staple in your life, a habit! When you make it a habit you will then realize that the things you set out to do will tend to have a different outcome. When you apply it to your fitness goals you will realize that fitness isn’t always about a look but about a lifestyle, a way of life. Your quality of life changes and usually over time the quality of life of those around you tends to change as well. Great things manifest from raising your standards and expecting more of yourself and those around you.

Now for the all-important decisions. Decision is something that everyone naturally does without even thinking about it. You unconsciously make decisions all the time. The decision to sleep in everyday and wake up an hour before going to work. The decision to NOT clean your house on a set day or the decision NOT to eat clean healthy food even though you know you should. The hard part about decisions is that it’s hard to make a decision to do something that takes commitment! Commitment scares people for some reason, and everyone has a different reason as to why they cannot commit.

Now you need to realize that a decision can change your life! That simple and that serious, it can change your life!

Please take a minute and visualize. What if you would have made the decision five years ago to start and stick with a workout regimen and healthy nutrition regimen along with raising your standards on everything you did in that five-year span, where would you be and what would you look like? Please think hard about this. It’s your life. Actually, if you have kids, it’s their lives as well. Because the decisions you make also affect the household and lead to patterns of behavior of those you’re around most.

Point to take away….. make a decision to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS, then make a DECISION to not be afraid of making strong, positive DECISIONS!

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