Reign, Rein, & Rain: What’s the Difference?

Reign, Rein, & Rain: What’s the Difference?

by Steve Gamel
Edit This

Welcome to another grammar lesson brought to you by Edit This®. Today, we’ll be talking about the difference between Reign, Rein, and Rain. Do you find yourself getting tripped up on the proper usage for all or some of these?

Please don’t feel bad if you do. I’m here to tell you that even the most veteran writers and editors (including yours truly) either stumble on these or find themselves at least pausing to think about which one they need to use in a particular sentence. That’s because Reign, Rein, and Rain are homophones — words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Other examples of homophones include complement and compliment, or there, their, and they’re.

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Reign, Rein, and Rain – What’s the difference?

Reign refers to a period of time in which someone rules or occupies a throne, such as a king or queen. It also means a period of dominant power, or that someone or something is the best.

The King’s reign lasted 40 years.
Her reign of terror dominates this office.
High school football reigns supreme in Texas.
He is the reigning champion, and no one can beat him.
Let freedom reign.

Rein, on the other hand, refers to those fancy straps we use to control a horse. It is also used in common phrases such as “rein in” or “give free rein.”

Make sure to hold those reins tight.
My wife has free rein to decorate our house.
Sometimes, you must rein in a difficult employee.
We are trying to rein in our excitement for the trip, but we can’t.
It is important to keep a tight rein on your finances.

And last but not least … Rain. Rain is, well, those water drops falling from the sky. It can also refer to a large amount of something and can be used figuratively.

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.
The rain washed all the dirt away.
It’s raining cats and dogs outside!
My son’s baseball games always get rained out this time of year.
In Texas, a hard rain every so often during the summer is a great thing.

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