All Roads Lead to the Same End

All Roads Lead to the Same End
by Jesse L. Leyva, Outlaw Fit Camp 940.497.6002

by Jesse L. Leyva, Outlaw Fit Camp 940.497.6002

Remember the last time you took a vacation? It wasn’t saying that you wanted a vacation that got you there. Taking action is what got you on the road. You booked travel, packed your bags and began your journey. It’s the same with fitness. To begin your health journey, you simply need to get on the road. There is never a perfect time, so pack your workout bag with some words of knowledge, and jump in.

Take the risk –
Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risk will accomplish nothing in life.” The good thing is, you are courageous, and more than you think. Getting into shape, staying in shape, is not easy. But it is so worth the risk. By that I mean, don’t be afraid to jump in. Even if you have never exercised before, you can do this.

Stay encouraged –
So many people start workouts and after a week they quit. Don’t get discouraged. It’s okay if you get winded after five burpees or if you can’t lift 20-pound dumbbells like you did when you were younger. This is your health journey, and the road that you’re taking is the one that’s right for you, right now. So get up, start again and keep moving forward.

Push forward –
There will always be naysayers, but don’t let their negativity detract from your accomplishments and goals. Stay focused and keep pushing forward on your journey. That also means to keep pushing yourself. Make small goals along the way, and as you reach those goals, make more. Before you know it, you have not only pushed yourself to the next level, you’ve propelled yourself to a level of fitness you probably didn’t think possible.

Your road to fitness is a journey. There will be ups and downs, celebrations and disappointments. The key is to not be afraid to jump in and do it, stay positive and encouraged, and push yourself to the next level. Remember, with every workout, you’ll get stronger. With every step on the treadmill, you’ll go farther. As you travel along your journey, you will find that all roads lead to the same end—a healthier you. This journey is yours, so own it.

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