Trust Me Your Children’s Future May Depend on It

Trust Me Your Children’s Future May Depend on It

Adam-Burrows At the Law Office of Dale A. Burrows, P.C., we believe a strong will ensures a lasting legacy. We turn your concerns into effective plans for the estate you wish to leave to your heirs. We are also able to review your documents, advise you on any significant changes in tax laws, and re-evaluate your will to make sure that, as your circumstances change, your estate plan continues to preserve your wishes. Call us today at 972.304.6000.

One of the most important roles in life is that of a parent. All parents have a duty to love, protect and help their children grow into adulthood. This is a duty that entails that we as parents have to keep our children’s best interests in mind before our own. A parent has to make tough decisions and sacrifices on a daily basis. One of the most important decisions that a parent can make is to invest in their children’s future.

As an Estate Planning Attorney, my role is to help my clients understand that the decisions we make in life for our children may not be what we intended after we pass away. As I explain to my clients, leaving a great sum of money for your children may be a great idea but without parameters, this blessing may soon turn into a curse with unintended consequences for your children. A Living Trust allows the structure that your children desperately need to help provide for their health, education and way of life for many years to come.

Most people have a preconceived notion that Trusts are for rich people. The truth is, that EVERYONE can benefit from a Trust and most importantly so can your children. Think about it, if you passed away today and everything you own went to your children will they truly know how to manage the responsibility of a sizeable inheritance? Will they know how to invest and save for the future?

It is my passion to make sure that your children are protected until they reach the age to manage the gift that you left for their future. What is that age? Every child is different, but that is why we plan ahead. As I tell my clients, if a sizeable inheritance was given to me at the age of 18 or 19 the first place I would have found myself would have been at a new car dealership buying a Porsche!

I face these same decisions that all parents are faced with because I too am a parent. As I help you plan for your children’s future, I also take into careful consideration the steps I have taken and would take to protect my own child’s future. It boils down to this… Is it going to be a trip to the Porsche dealership or a financially secure future for your children? Let me help you make that decision while it is still yours to make.

Call The Law Office of Dale A. Burrows today at 972-304-6000. Mention this article and receive a free consultation to help me, help you, plan for your children’s future and much more. Visit us on the web at

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