Wanted: Good People with Bad Credit

Wanted: Good People with Bad Credit

HaireLawby Rocky Haire, Haire Law Firm

You can’t believe how many homes are going into foreclosure. Every day I get calls from people needing to make a move fast because they are about to have their home auctioned off. Houses ranging from $35,000 to well over a million dollars.  We cover Texas, sooo…..there’s a lot.

The thing that throws me is that these are smart people. Good people. They wouldn’t have qualified for that house in the first place if they didn’t have good credit. A lot of times they started out with great credit but something happened. They got divorced, lost a loved one, got sick, the market turned, got hooked on ____ (any number of things, man) and now they need a friend. Me. I can get them out of it, save their credit and sometimes get them into another home just like it. Foreclosures.

Another thing we do is get people out of no-equity situations. You’ve been great as long as Aunt Millie was alive. Now she’s gone and you need to move so you can be with Uncle Fred in South Lufkin. If you don’t help him, he will drink himself to death. Problem is, your awesome credit got you into that home for nothing down.  It will now COST you $15,000 to sell your ‘ball & chain’. Thanks home hustler guy, for telling me I’d be stuck in this thing for 20 years. The great news is, I can legally transfer the Deed to a new buyer without involving the bank. They are thrilled to have it, you are thrilled to leave it—everyone wins. The crowd goes wild.

We also handle homes in probate—for when Uncle Fred finally does himself in with Wild Turkey while you were at WinStar. Way…to…go. Hope the $43 dollars you lost was worth it.  Don’t think for a second we can’t fix whatever situation you find yourself in. We are all about mulligans and know exactly how to set you free.

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