Entrepreneur Of The Year

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • November 14, 2019
By Steve Gamel

It was a typical weekday afternoon, and Awstin Gregg was going through his normal routine of meeting with patients and working alongside his amazing team at Connections Wellness Group. He knew he had an appointment coming up with the folks at Murray Media Group in a few minutes, but they hadn’t shared with him the reason why.

“I knew they needed my check for that month, so I figured they were simply stopping by for that,” Awstin said with a laugh.

But that wasn’t the case at all. He said what happened next was a complete shock.

Murray Media officials, including publisher Kelly Murray, surprised Awstin with the inaugural Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2019. The Murrays, who have long facilitated the Best of Denton County awards and their collection of monthly neighborhood magazines, had decided earlier that month to create an all-encompassing award for the one person or local business they felt represented service above self.

The award is going to be a yearly thing moving forward. Awstin said being the first recipient was a humbling experience.

“We’ve been blessed to receive a large amount of awards this year, but to be recognized for this one is an absolute honor,” Awstin said.

Kelly Murray said presenting Connections Wellness with this award was a no-brainer decision.

“Awstin and his team came onto the scene in Denton County and dove into this community with everything they had,” Kelly said. “They are down-to-earth, hardworking, and really care about people. And they’re obviously doing well.”

Connections-Wellness-Interior While Awstin’s name is front and center, he refuses to accept this as anything less than a shared award. Just as deserving for the facility’s jaw-dropping success is his partners David Tucker, Chris Bennett, Gurjeet Kalra, Megan Albertson, Michele Menzie, and Michelle Dean. Behind that team of medical professionals, along with their growing staff, Connections Wellness has become the go-to source for well over 15,000 patients who have been craving an allencompassing medical plaza right in their backyard. They have a team of physicians from all disciplines collaborating with behavioral health providers in a model that has never been attempted in DFW. And with the addition of a primary care wing in June, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

“The truth is that I have an amazing team. Yes, I am lucky enough to lead as their CEO and pave the way on the front lines, but it’s their support which really allows me to have the courage to lead in the way I do,” he said. “I don’t see myself as entrepreneur of the year. My success is theirs, and vice versa. My name could never be associated with something like this without their support.”

We all expect to receive a higher level of care when we go to the doctor, even it’s for a few annoying sniffles that keep us up late at night. But at no point have we been able to visit one facility for all our needs, from sniffles and the flu to depression, anxiety, and anything else that keeps us from living a healthy life. The idea behind the Connections Wellness model is that with one phone call, a patient can have a team of doctors working together to seek solutions in areas such as psychiatry, medication management, couples and family counseling, routine wellness and illness visits, trauma treatment, play therapy for children, and more.

The latest accolade is one in a long line of honors and awards Connections Wellness has won over the last year. Connections Wellness was named a Best of Denton County winner in seven categories. In February, the practice passed a joint commission survey and received national accreditation for quality in the healthcare field.

This accreditation is something no other private practice in DFW has achieved. On a local level, Connections Wellness has also started a partnership with UNT called Kick the Stigma, where the university provides key information and resources to its student body regarding mental health. During all home football games, Connections Wellness is highlighted during any field goal, kickoff, or punt. It’s all in an attempt to keep the conversation going when it comes to mental health.

“It’s been fun to watch it all grow,” Awstin said. “The idea is that we are not going to be cutting corners. When an individual walks through the door, our goal and expectation are that they feel like our only client. This was the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life, and the fact that more and more people come here to get better, I don’t think I could truly capsulate how fulfilled that makes me. To be in a space where you are making genuine improvements in people, and the people who are providing that care are fulfilled, I can’t think of a more soul-fulfilling thing.”

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