Tattoo Your What?

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • November 14, 2019
By Steve Gamel

Tattoo My Shoes

Your shoes don’t have to be ordinary. Just ask Ernie Moreno.

For the past five years, Moreno has been bringing shoes — yes, shoes — to life through his unique online store called Tattoo My Shoes. As the name suggests, Moreno uses everyday shoes as a canvas rather than the human body. And he’s proven time and time again that he can take any idea and turn your footwear into a hand-drawn, colored work of art.

His intricate artwork includes everything from floral designs to Japanese imagery, sports themes, comic and anime, and custom pieces that express the owner’s personality and life journey. Over the years, Ernie has also used his talents to bring awareness to various charitable causes.

His secret to success is in making sure each shoe design is unique to the owner.

“When I got into this, there weren’t a lot of people doing it. The bandwagon is pretty full these days, but not everyone can do it as well as I do,” Ernie said with a laugh. “Just give me an idea or something you want me to replicate.”

Ernie does all of his artwork from his Denton home and draws from hisexperiences as a longtime tattoo artist. Translating those skills into working with custom footwear was a lot easier than most people might think, and it also helps that he has a true passion for making people smile.

Depending on the design, a single pair of shoes can take anywhere between one to two weeks to complete.

“I love the detail of it all; it’s something that I really enjoy doing.”

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photo courtesy of Ernie Moreno

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