This Is Only The Beginning

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • December 13, 2019
By Steve Gamel

For more than a year and a half, Corinth officials have closely guarded development plans to help put the city on the map. Now according to Director of Economic Development, Jason Alexander, they are ready to give some insight into what is coming down the pike.

While Alexander and others are still waiting for the right moment to share all their secrets, the teaser is eye-opening.

“To use a baseball analogy, this is our leadoff batter,” Alexander said with a grin. “The heavy hitters are coming, and I think everyone in this community will be thrilled with everything we’re working on.”

He added, “We have been thinking on ways to get this out to everyone and create a name for Corinth.”

City-of-Corinth-Interior-1Corinth’s proverbial “leadoff batter” is a 20-acre mixed-use development that will be located at the southwest corner of Corinth Parkway and I-35E, where the old police station used to be. According to a press release, concept plans for the project include a mix of sitdown restaurants, a hotel, high-end multifamily residences, and a trail system that ties into the existing trail network around Corinth. This plan will allow area residents to live in and visit a walkable community with public amenities and entertainment options that people are used to seeing in neighboring communities.

The idea is to go beyond mirroring what other communities have and set a new standard for future development. And to make it all a reality, Corinth has partnered with Irving-based Realty Capital Management, LLC, which is one of the premier real estate development firms in North Texas.

The firm is known for transforming high-profile locations into trend-setting projects and is responsible for such developments as Switchyard in Carrollton and Lakeside in Flower Mound.

“This creates a strong identity for the community in terms of architecture and also creates the bones of a downtown district,” Alexander said. “This community will be able to say it has something that’s unique.”

Director of Finance, Communications, and Strategic Services, Lee Ann Bunselmeyer, agreed.

“Over the last 12 to 18 months, the staff, City Council, and Economic Development Corporation (EDC) have been working together to lay the foundation for what the future of Corinth will be,” she said. “It started with the strategic plan, modernizing our logo, and developing a parks masterplan to make Corinth a more walkable community. All these elements tie together to make Corinth a high-quality community with a desirable lifestyle.”

“This goes to show the City Council and EDC are working off the same page,” City Manager Bob Hart added. “What we are doing with this project is essential to the success we want to create at this corner and the economic activity that we want to attract to the I35 corridor.”

City-of-Corinth-Interior-2Corinth has long been one of the top growth areas in Texas and the United States and boasts nearly 22,000 residents. But what Alexander, Bunselmeyer, and Hart are referring to are the many smaller steps they’ve been taking to quietly turn Corinth into a destination spot. With their strategic plan called Corinth 2030, the city wants to attract quality residential and non-residential development, increase citizen engagement and proactive government, and focus more on regional cooperation among all the Lake Cities communities. Last summer, the city redesigned its logo to play up its Corinthian architecture look and feel and will be inclusive of updates to all city materials, communications, and vehicles. The city also updated its website in June. The website was organized and designed based on input from resident focus groups and what they wanted to see most.

The city also continues to showcase standout events to enhance an already strong sense of community. They are coming off their signature event, Pumpkin Palooza, from October and plan to promote more throughout the year. This includes the Annual Tree Lighting ceremony, Easter Egg-stravaganza, the Daddy-Daughter Dance, Fire Department Open House and National Night Out.

City Officials want to get the word out that Corinth is where you want to live and grow — especially since its best days are still ahead.

“We’re implementing the vision for Corinth,” Alexander said. “When the development is complete, Corinth will be a premier destination for living, working, and gathering.”

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photos courtesy of City of Corinth

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