Women In Business

Women In Business

Women In Business
Inspirational quotes from successful businesswomen in Denton County

by Steve Gamel

donna phillips of studio 360 med spa

Donna Phillips, Studio 360 Med Spa

“Starting out was the least thought-about thing I have ever done in my life. Working for a company and feeling like I could do it better and make more money doing it for myself just made sense. I was 17 and had less knowledge of what could go wrong than fear – and I had zero fear. I set out one day to sell one person on my ability to provide a service in the male dominated industry of risk management and asset recovery. One man took a chance and gave me my first account, so I picked my husband up for his last lunch break at the job he had no idea he would be quitting that day to open our own business.” 

“The quickest way to succeed is by helping other people get what they want out of life and where they want to be in life!  Happy people are always more successful, or maybe it’s the other way around – successful people are happier. But I think you have to be happy first. If you are unhappy with life, then a struggle or a challenge will feel overwhelming. I have been there. When you are happy, the hard times are just a hill for a high stepper.”

poonam bhana of v eye p

Poonam Bhana, V Eye P in Carrollton
“I had many challenges along the way. Not only am I a woman who has immigrated twice from different countries, I had to start over each time going to college to graduate with Optometry degrees and paying off student loans in each country. I had to learn the differences within the field of Optometry between these countries and make changes to many things I was accustomed to. This was a learning curve and made being successful a bit harder.”

“Do your research and know your demographics you are trying to serve/capture. Set realistic goals and explore ways to achieve those goals. When you truly know your demographic, you are better servant to your patrons. Being able to provide a business that offers pragmatic solutions to all varieties of clientele gives a lot of leverage to capture every patient/customer/client. Be actively involved in support groups that are available to your business and most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help.”

beth caudill of make the move team

Beth Caudill, Make The Move Team

“I think people are more concerned with their own business or actions. I like to lift people up.
I encourage people to success, even if they are a competing business. You never know who you are going to work with next. It serves a great benefit to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. I have learned that I have quite a bit to offer others. I’m happy to share what I have learned though the years as a successful business owner.”

“Do your research, find your why, go forth and conquer.”


kim gronberg of gronberg orthodontics

Kim Gronberg, Gronberg Orthodontics

“I think a roadblock is thinking that life is unfair and having a victim mentality. First of all, life is not going to be fair, whether you are a man or a woman. So get over that! I feel like the biggest determinate of how “successful” you will be is your own attitude. I think the women who are truly successful don’t have time to talk or think about potential obstacles for them because they are too busy just doing what needs to be done! If you have a goal and want to achieve it, just do it. You are the main person who can hold yourself back.”

“Just know it’s going to be a lot of work – but anything in life that is worthwhile is going to be a lot of work. Not everything is going to go 100% right – there will be a lot of tears. Just take each day as it comes, repeat the things that are working, and quickly re-evaluate and change the things that aren’t working. Sometimes, we think we have to plan everything out perfectly before we get started. But I would say successful business owners many times are more of a “Ready, Fire, Aim” than “Ready, Aim, Fire.” Don’t waste years overanalyzing every small detail.”

Erin lundie of primrose school of lantana

Erin Lundie, Primrose School of Lantana

“I can do hard things! I think being reflective has allowed me the best insight into our business and where I can make adjustments. Being able to humble myself and see the mistakes and missed opportunities has allowed me to grow as a leader the most. But also, I have learned how important it is to celebrate each little milestone, too! Owning a business is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s really important to see the good things along the way.”

“When you are preparing to get your business off the ground, don’t just focus on your business. Think about all your other responsibilities at home and plan for them now. Do you need help with childcare, carpooling, or managing your house? Are there things you’ve typically done, but you may not have time for now? Sometimes being a business owner can give you some much needed flexibility, but sometimes it’s the opposite. There will be days when your best laid plans go awry, so having that support network is essential. This was the best advice I received before opening our school, and it was spot on.”

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