Your Fad Diet Nightmare

Your Fad Diet Nightmare

Your Fad Diet Nightmare

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by Jesse J. Leyva,
Owner of Jesse James Fit  & Outlaw Fitcamp |

Have you noticed how people jump on board with a popular fad diet, lose 5, 10, or even 20 pounds, and then gain it all back and then some? It’s actually a simple concept, and once you understand it, you will be forever saved from the tortures of yo-yo dieting.

Fad diets saddle you with unsustainable calorie restrictions, and some even cut out entire food groups just to produce that short-lived drop in weight. The fad diets also ignore one major component in shaping up: exercise.

You see, most fad diets operate on one age-old premise: cut calories, cut calories, cut calories. By restricting the type and amount of food consumed, the fad dieter usually sees an immediate drop in weight. If only it stopped there…

But it doesn’t stop there. Life continues, and the fad dieter returns to their pre-diet eating habits — with one major difference in their body — their calorie requirements have gotten smaller.

In practical terms, this means the dieter begins gaining weight even though they are eating their normal pre-diet portions. And since exercise hasn’t become a part of their routine, the unneeded calories will result in pounds gained. So what’s a dieter to do?

The solution to your fad dieting nightmare is a lifestyle change.

To change your lifestyle means to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, and to do so consistently. It isn’t something you do for a week or two.

Changing your lifestyle from one that is unhealthy to one that is healthy will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself. I help people make this change every day with amazing results.

So how do I change my lifestyle? That is a great question, and the answer is actually easier than you might think.

Most people who are unhappy with their bodies are really only holding on to a few bad habits. Once these destructive habits are identified and replaced with healthy habits, their body naturally transforms into one that they are proud of.

Here are the most prevalent unhealthy habits:

  • Failing to exercise on a consistent basis.
  • Consuming calories in excess of your daily caloric needs.
  • Filling your diet with foods that hold little to no nutritional value.
  • The habit of procrastination.

You can lose weight and improve both your appearance and your health.

Take action now. Call or email me today, and together, we will recreate your lifestyle and redefine your body.

You can look and feel great.

You can transform yourself into the person that you’ve always wanted to be.

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